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Throughout the year we add a variety of new items to our collection along with improved versions on existing ones

​​We’ve also been focused on improving our popular color range, enhancing tints and shades to truly express the softness in highlights while deepening the darks


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About Us

Pat Lee was established in 1985 and incorporated as a limited company in 1999. We specialise in manufacturing artificial flowers and plants for over three decades.

We believe that with 35 years of experience in the industry, we are confident to offer you our finest products with punctual lead-timing to your satisfaction.

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Our Skills

We have a wide spectrum of products with over 1500 production samples displayed in our showroom. Our sampling department is capable to develop new or tailor-made products in a short period of time. We work closely to provide our customers with only the finest products made from high quality materials and special fabrics under the most competitive prices.

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Our Range Every Day

  • Revealed theories

    Faux flowers have not the best image and we completely understand why. Faded, artificial looking and sometimes dusty, you prefer to find them in the discount stores or...

  • The Most Practical flowers/foliages

    Sorry, if you want the most realistic faux flowers you won’t find them in a nearby art and crafts shop! But you can put all the hard work in our hands, by collab...

  • Foliage

    You don’t have to limit yourself to artificial flowers to ensure your arrangement looks absolutely convincing, why not add artificial foliage too? A bouquet cont...

  • Natural Blossom

    Now you know that choosing the right colors and the right supplier will make your artificial flowers look natural, let ‘s look at the artificial flowers styles n...

  • Natural colors

    Florals with natural colors The right colors will make a faux flower of high quality look even more natural – just as you plucked it straight from the ground! When i...

  • Three reasons why

    Artificial flowers are becoming increasingly common and there’s a good reason for that. See our three reasons below why they represent a perfect alternative to t...