Benefits of Artificial Flowers

Three reasons why

Three reasons why

Artificial flowers are becoming increasingly common and there’s a good reason for that. See our three reasons below why they represent a perfect alternative to the fresh stem.
1) LONG LASTING. Artificial flowers have the clear advantage of longevity. Our practical products should look fresh all year round regardless of the season, the heat or the venue.

2) COST EFFECTIVE. There are no weekly costs to replace fresh flowers at your place of work or at home. Our arrangements are all made to order and are copies of their fresh equivalents which are botanically accurate.

3) FREE-MAINTENANCE. Well, little one. No trimming of stems, changing water, collecting fallen petals and disposing of stinky wilted stems. All our products need to be brushed gently on a cool setting once in a while with a hairdryer to get off any bits of dust that might have fallen. A clean cloth wipe does the job, too. Artificial flowers can be put in any space and there is no need to sweat the summer heat or make sure your flowers have plenty to drink.

At Pat Lee we ensure we provide our customers with the most realistic artificial flowers available. We spend a long time producing the right stems that are realistic copies of the ones you see outside, and all our products are made to order.

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