Natural colors

Natural colors

Florals with natural colors

The right colors will make a faux flower of high quality look even more natural – just as you plucked it straight from the ground! When it comes to artificial flowers, simple , natural colors are always a success as they make the flowers look even more realistic. Just remember: it shouldn’t be in your faux bouquet, if it’s not in nature either.

Green and white is a perfect example of a combination of colors which never fails to impress. These colors are present in nature, so you don’t think twice about their authenticity when you see a fake floral arrangement that features these shades. By comparison, choosing colors like hot red or blue would possibly make your flowers look clearly fake.

Choosing flowers that display colors that are true to nature is a great tip, so looking for petals that are tonal rather than flat is a good idea too. The more flatter the colour, the more the faux flower looks artificial. Using precision and attention to detail, purchasing from the right designers will ensure the colors are hand painted.In the design, you can find subtleties, and maybe even some imperfections that all make a fake flower appear genuine.

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