Revealed theories

Revealed theories

Faux flowers have not the best image and we completely understand why. Faded, artificial looking and sometimes dusty, you prefer to find them in the discount stores or on the vanity of your grandma … not very appealing! Yet our silk flowers are anything but – so we’re here to break a couple of myths about the most popular faux floral objections we hear all the time.
1. “The faux flowers are gatherers of pollen”

Clearly untrue. We don’t think flowers will end up sitting on the benchtop for years-not just because of the pollen, but because it’s boring! We encourage our customers to occasionally pack their flowers away, or better yet, buy two arrangements so that they can alternate depending on their mood or the season. The old pillow case is all you need to comfortably pack them away, so you can take them out for a special event or the weekend.

2. Artificial flowers are hard to cleanse

Not true, All you need is a hairdryer, and the dust blows straight away. Obviously the more you do it daily, the easier it is to vacuum. — Actually, the hairdryer trick could help with your lampshades and skirting boards too … you ‘re welcome! Check out our guide to find out how easy it is to clean and take care of your artificial flowers

3. Artificial flowers are expensive

Is true … well, if you want those of good quality that do not look like what we mentioned in the introduction. There are often cheaper options but you get what you pay for as with everything in life, so the standard is remembered even after the price is forgotten.

4. Classic fashioned artificial flowers/foliage
This is neither true nor false because your floral design can absolutely suit any theme or taste. We recently designed an elegant and very traditional style bouquet for a customer with a room full of beautiful baroque furniture – and we were busy creating very modern and minimalist designs for other customers the same day. There are no rules-except that the key is quality. We have only a limited selection of flowers (in the hundreds, despite having thousands at our disposal) because we are extremely picky and few make the cut according to our quality standards.

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